Saturday, April 20, 2013

Test Prep?

Before the big TEST, I usually ask my teachers if there is anything I need to review during their library class. This year I think we are all reviewed/tested out. My  poor kiddies have taken benchmark tests, STAR Reading, STAR Math, and CRA tests (I think I left one out!) and now we want them to take the TCAP test.... I think you can guess what I think about that bad boy! Don't get me wrong, testing and gathering data is needed, but Tennessee is going a little overboard. (Be glad your state didn't get those "Race to the Top" federal dollars!) My students are sick of being tested. I had one teacher request this year for help and it was my 6 - 8 grade ELA teacher. Hey, right up my alley. I was just glad it wasn't the math teacher. Bless her heart! If the system wanted to torment me and the students, they could put  me in her classroom. The 8th grade math reminds me of my high school classes! I'll stay in the library. Besides I've got all these cool books. HEAVEN. My upper grade kiddies were having trouble with verbals and reasoning. So I made them some games for review. Yes, I make centers for 7th and 8th graders.  Sometimes they want to "play" with the lower/middle grade games. They're just BIG KIDS. I taught 8th grade before moving to the library. Love my uppers!

Of course I love all my students. There are times when I miss my classroom, then TCAP rolls around. LOVE'N THE LIBRARY. I laugh and say I get paid to read! We all know there is SO much more to the job. Speaking of which I'm going for more hot chocolate and getting my stack of books to read for my SLM Shelf Challenge. I'm a little behind this week.

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