Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Library Centers , Test Reviews, and TPT

It's that time of the year again. TEST TIME. As my teachers prepare their students for the state test, I try to reinforce what skills I can for them during library classes. My upper grade students just finished a poetry unit. Last year I created some mix and match cards on types of poetry to collaborate with their ELA teacher. So I jazzed them up a bit for this year. Ok, I admit the decision was based on TPT. I've been so inspired by all the cool finds on TPT. I have to admit now I rate my own literacy games for cuteness and effectiveness. So for me, TPT has made a positive impact on my library activities. You can find my Poetry Mix and Match cards on TPT for free.

During Spring Break I had an encounter with bronchitis! Fun, NOT. Since I didn't feel like doing any spring cleaning, I created my latest library center game - Spine Sort for Non-fiction. I just posted it in my TPT store if you are interested in a copy. It made a good addition to my Fiction and Easy spine sorts I created back in the fall.

Knowing my love of TPT, I went to TPT for some ideas to help with skills requested by my teachers. To help with cause and effect I purchased Cause and Effect Literacy Center by Klever Kiddos and I used Cause and Effect Task cards from Rachel Lynette. I just love her task cards. I think she has them for any topic. I'm slowly purchasing all of them. To help with sequencing I found Yvonne Dixon's Jack and the Beanstalk Sequencing Activity. It's been a big hit.

Tonight after I finish blogging, it's back to TPT for word games. My 4 and 5th graders are struggling with synonyms and antonyms. Of course I'm going to my favorite resource, TPT!!!

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