Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Go, Pea, Go! Book Tour

Normally I only review books I am considering for my K - 8 library. I made an exception for Go, Pea, Go! by Joe Moshier and Chris Sonnenburg.  It sounded really cute for my friends who have young children, and I'm so glad I did. This adorable story is not only encouraging but engaging as well. I love using stories to interact with the students at school. This one is perfect for parents who need just another method to encourage their darlings with potty training. I'm definitely recommending this one to my day care friends.

In a nutshell, Pea Junior is running a race. The prize, it's the Potty Prize of course! Personally I loved the page were Pea's friends are encouraging him to win. It brought back memories of me cheering on my two boys as they learned to "go potty".

This one is full of puns the younger children may not catch, but will keep the grown ups laughing! Great illustrations and a song for those of you musically inclined. The sticker chart will be great for tracking personal successes in the "potty race"!

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By Joe Moshier and Chris Sonnenburg
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This contest will run from April 22nd - May 4th. One winner will receive a prize pack consisting of a pea plush, pea beach ball, pea tote bag, pea hair clips, stickers, and a copy of the book. Three winners will win a prize pack consisting of a pea beach ball, pea postcards, stickers and a copy of the book. Five runners up will win a copy of the book and stickers. Winners will be contacted by email and must notify us within 48 hours of the notification email with address and acceptance. Please note this contest is for US residents only.

(The only compensation I received for this honest review was a free copy of the book.)

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