Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Red Ribbon Week 2013

Our school has been busy this past week celebrating "Red Ribbon Week". My little school is  located in upper East Tennessee where there is, unfortunately, a large meth problem. If that isn't enough, our high school students have been dabbling with prescription drugs in the last few years. It is, I fear, a problem growing at an alarming rate! Needless to say, at every opportunity our school encourages and teaches a drug free life style.

Our school is blessed with a school nurse. Nurse Angie organized several activities for Red Ribbon Week. We've dressed in silly socks, our favorite sports team, school color days to name a few of the activities this week. The high light was the door decoration contest. My teachers were very creative in decorating their doors for Red Ribbon Week. (Can you tell we love Pinterest? Ha)

I didn't get pictures of every door. But here are a few of my favorites, in case you need any ideas...

Don't Get Wrapped Up in Drugs!

Bee Drug Free

We Crow No to Drugs

Those Whooo Are Wise Say No to Drugs

Witch Way Will You Fly? Straight or High? 

Being Drug Free Is Spook-tacular!

Don't Do Drugs, Jack!

Don't Get Tangled Up In Drugs

DEAD - Drugs End All Dreams

Fly Away From Drugs!

Keep Reading!!! I will...

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  1. Those are ... I was going to say fun but that doesn't actually seem to fit the topic very well. As fun as they can be for a serious topic, anyway.
    When RRW is not the same week as our book character pumpkin path I always covered the tops of all the library shelves with all of the red covered books I could find. Made for an interesting visual impact as all the classes walked through either coming in to the library or on their way elsewhere. And hey. Got some books that don't normally get display love off the shelf.


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