Monday, October 28, 2013

#IMWAYR for October 28

It's Monday! I promise I have been reading for the last two weeks. I'm just behind on blogging!!! Link up with Teach Mentor Texts or Unleasing Readers for other It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I finally finished Tiger's Quest by Collen Houck.  I'll be honest and admit I didn't like it as well as the first book in the series, Tiger's Curse. It started a little slow, but my middle school girls will still love it.

It's been a little crazy in my neck of the woods. I still need to seriously work on my reading challenge. To get caught up, I cheated and looked in the picture books for titles I hadn't previously read. Managed to find a couple!

I found two Llama Llama books I haven't read. I'm not real sure how I missed these two. They're just the perfect thing for my kindergarten classes when studying rhyming words!

I also read Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don't) by Barbara Bottner, illustrated by Michael Emberly. It's just a great little read-aloud. Would be perfect when having those conversations with students about picking the perfect book to read. I totally agree with "there is a book for everyone".

Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg, illustrated by Debbie Harter. Is a great one for studying thesauruses and synonyms. What first or second grader doesn't love dinosaurs?

King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently and Helen Oxenbury. This one is a great read-aloud! Has lots of rhyming and would be perfect for the kindergarten or preschool students. Just beautifully done.
I like Myself by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by David Catrow. I purchased this one last spring and meant to read it. The Picture Book Teacher's Edition even posted a freebie that I totally meant to use with my first graders. TCAP tests happened! Finally I got around to read it. I have got to work it in with my classes this fall. Just too cute to pass up. 

Shrinking Violet by Cari Best, illustrated by Giselle Potter. Another great story about self-esteem! The illustrations reminded me of Lane Smith's works. Cute and fitting for the story.

Naamah and the Ark at Night by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, illustrated by Holly Meade. This one is a fictional account of Noah's wife on the ark. Cute little lullaby. Enjoyed it.

Amelia's Road by Linda Jacob Altman, illustrated by Enrique O. Sanchez. Adorable book about migrant workers. We have a few migrant students in my school. So my students will totally relate with this story.

Finally I read Pigs at Odds and Pigs on the Ball by Amy Axelrod, illustrated by Sharon McGinley-Nally.  They would make a great literacy/math station in the library. Questions are included at the end of the story. Loved them.

Wonder what I will read this week? I really need to finish Red Pyramid. We'll see...

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  1. We all need a good picturebook fest at least once every couple months. More often if at all possible.

    I think we might have those Pig books. I've never read them. #willremedythat

  2. I had been avoiding them - it's a math thing!!

  3. Miss Brooks Loves Books caught my eye - sounds perfect for me. We had a books about books bimonthly theme a few months back, I'm sure that would have been a good book to feature. :)


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