Monday, October 28, 2013

My Truth Monday: Creepy Stuff!

Saw this at  Mrs. Russell's Room and I have to link up with this one!

Things that creep us out. I can be truthful about this one. Last week I didn't feel I could be truthful about fitness. My doctor was not amused when I told him I walk everyday..... to my car. I know, I need to exercise more. Oops, I guess I was truthful on the wrong Monday. Today's My Truth Monday.....

Foods that gross me out would definitely be slimy foods. I can not stomach the thought of foods like raw oysters or uncooked eggs.

Scary Movies - Absolutely Not!!! I totally don't like being scared. I was afraid of the dark when I was young. Still don't go outside after dark without all the outside lights on... Could be that there is a skunk that lives in the woods in front of my house!

The one thing that creeps me out more than anything would be mice! I had one in the library a couple years ago. I screamed. The kids laughed. Principal came running..... You get the picture. Snakes, spiders, large bugs don't bother me at all. Have been known to take those outside when they wonder into our school building. Yes, even snakes. We had a black rat snake come inside a couple years ago. I just threw my sweater over it and released it outside. It was way too upset to pick up. My husband is a biologist so, yes, I know how. I will only pick up really little ones.

This is a picture of the black rat snake that lives in my barn. Don't go hatin' - he/she eats mice! Yea!! (I'm not about to put a picture of a creepy mouse on my blog.)

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  1. I don't know if I could have a snake living that close to me!


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