Friday, October 25, 2013

Decorating For Fall

I meant to change out the main bulletin board at the beginning of October. I meant to have more books read by the beginning of October. I meant, I meant, I meant!!! October is going by way too fast. I did get our board updated last weekend. Yes, I said weekend. With our first nine weeks ending, and students trying to read extra to ensure meeting their AR goals, I was way too busy to fix it during the week.

I wanted something really special to greet our students as they enter our main hall. Did a quick check on Pinterst and found the following pin at Olson's Crafty Kinders:

Loved Elizabeth Olsen's idea and adapted it into the following:

I thought turned out right cute. The students loved it, which is really all that matters. Have a great fall weekend. They're calling for snow in my East Tennessee mountains. May have to change my leaves to snowflakes a little early this year.

Have a great weekend. Curl up and READ!!!


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