Friday, November 8, 2013

Mallory in the Spotlight Giveaway

A couple weeks ago I was contacted to review a book, Mallory in the Spotlight by Laurie Friedman.

At first I was nervous about reading a book for an author and publishing a review. What if I didn't like it? What if I thought the book was terrible? What if nothing! I really enjoyed it. This book will be perfect for my second - fifth grader who love Judy Moody books.  Laurie Friedman writes this adorable series a fourth grader, Mallory, and her best friend, Mary Ann. I read book 14 in the series, Mallory in the Spotlight.

In this book, Mallory tries out for a part in the school's musical Annie. Mallory also learns a very valuable lesson about true friendship. I loved the way Ms. Friedman inserted little tidbits of information about musicals and defined terms for my students who have a very limited knowledge of the stage or a musical production. This book was full of girl drama which thrills my students.  I will definitely be adding Mallory books to my school's library collection.

Ms Friedman is graciously giving away a copy of one her Mallory books. Enter below to win. Good luck. I'm sure you will enjoy Mallory as much as I did!

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