Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tried It Tuesday - "Spot Warmers" and "Bathroom Characters"

I finally have a Tried It Tuesday and I'm so excited. Really I have two but as I started both of them on the same day, I'm going to tell you about both of them.

First up, Spot Warmers! Yes, I said spot holders. For some of you the following picture is just an ordinary pot holder. (I'm a cheap savvy shopper and purchased them at Dollar Tree 2 for $1.) What do I do with them? I'm so glad you asked. In my library I use them as Spot Warmers.

I have a really fidgety class of Kindergarteners this year. They can not sit still for story time. I even had a student try to sit inside one of my bookcases. So what to do? I had seen, on Pinterest of course, some people use vinyl place mats as spots on their rugs, but I'm picky and cheap. The only placemats I could find in my color scheme were $1.99 a piece. I needed 25! So as I was cruising Dollar Tree for extra supplies, I found these pot holders in red and black. They work perfect. Check out my "Spot Holders!"

The second thing I tried was my "Bathroom Characters". On one of the blogs I follow, the teacher used a special desk pass/marker to let her know who was in the restroom. I got to thinking how I could use that idea in the library. My library is decorated with lots of plush book characters. So, why not use book characters. I have a "Cleo" and a "Clifford" plush at sit in front of my desk. If one of my girls need to use the restroom, they pick up "Cleo" and place her on their spot at the table or on the floor. The boys use "Clifford" the same way. Then with one quick glance I can see who is in the restroom. Now no more "it's my turn to go to the restroom"! Now I can keep teaching and my wiggle worms can go to the bathroom without disturbing the rest of the class. LOVE IT.

Link up with Fourth Grade Flipper for more great "Tried It Tuesdays".


Have a great rest of the week, and KEEP READING!!!


  1. Love the Clifford and Cleo plan! - and the 'spot warmers'. Brilliant!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Cute ideas! I've been thinking of marking my carpet with tape or something for my 2nd graders. Sad!

    Literacy Spark

  3. What great ideas for both of your Tried Its. If I still taught Kinder, I would definitely try both of them! Thanks for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Thanks. I had thought of the tape. BUT I'm a little OCD in the library. It would have driven me nuts. Then the kids would pick....

  5. These are such great ideas for your students! I love how you are a savvy shopper. :) Thanks for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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