Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Here.... My September SLANT Box

Even though I mailed my SLANT Box yesterday, I wasn't looking for a package for me to arrive till at least next week. It's been one of THOSE weeks. Hubby worked late tonight, the boys went to the high school football game, so what else was this working mom to do but try to get caught up a little at school. Once again, I managed to be one of the last people to leave school. Needless to say, I was very excited to see a white box on my fence when I pulled into my driveway. My mail carrier knows I have a very curious border collie. Thus top of fence was much better than on the porch!

Erika from My Crazy Life pegged me perfectly!

I've been reading fall stories this past week and have a couple more to read for next week. I definitely see these leaves being used as part of an activity for next week. Hmmmm. The really funny thing - I almost purchased a pack last week but thought I had blown my supply budget for the month. Great minds think alike! The chocolate and  Cheez-Its I'll have to hide from my boys. Those are going to my desk drawer for days I stay late and forget to pack a snack. Sharpies - I always need extra sharpies. Such great colors. Then I finally opened the cute card. Super Sweet! I'm already enjoying my new mug with the hot chocolate. Perfect for these East Tennessee fall evenings. Thank you, Erika. You made my day!

Head over to Lessons With Coffee to sign up for October's SLANT Box and see what other wonderful things were shipped for September.

Keep Reading! I will....

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