Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Favorite Reading Pins

When I saw this Linky by Just Reed, I had to respond to this one.  Just about everything I pin has something to do with Reading. I just love anything reading related. (Good thing I'm a librarian!)

It's a good thing we are limited to 10. I have found so many great reading ideas on Pinterest  that I use in my library or I share with the teachers in my building.

I repined this from Rachel Lynette's pinterest board. She has a whole board dedicated to inferences. These pictures are great to use to during my literacy centers or to teach inferences.

I found this at
I love taking paint chips and finding ways to use them in the library. I adapted this idea by letting students decorated them with black sharpie's instead of using stamps. Since I definitely am concerned about messes in the library, this was my alternative.

I used this idea to teach character traits. I've had students or teachers (at an in-service) stand in front of the board and had students describe the person. It's a lot of fun and I've never had anyone write something inappropriate.

I've used this idea during RTI with students up to sixth grade.

I have lots of literacy activities in my library. I was putting them all in envelopes, but this is cute for those games/activities with larger pieces. This idea was from (from whom I pin frequently!)

I love Rudees Room! She's got lots of great ideas. (I also shop her store frequently.) This post helped me organize my RTI materials. Yes, I'm the librarian, but when I'm not in the library or computer lab I help teachers with their Reading classes. At my school we all do whatever it takes to help the students learn to read.

I loved these speech bubbles when I saw them! I had a class having a hard time understanding dialogue. I printed some of these up to help them understand anything a character/student says must be placed in quotation marks. 

I love using book order forms during centers. I would have never have thought of using them without Pinterest.

I saw this idea and decided to help my 3rd graders with fact and opinion. I only have one bulletin board in my library so I turned it into an activity. They had to write facts from a couple non-fiction selections onto duck silhouette. They loved it. We're real duck commander fans here in East Tennessee!

I love graphic organizers. This one I got from Scholastic. I have tons several graphic organizers pined.


  1. I'm going to be running to Lowes now to get more paint chips! I love the bookmark idea, so practical!

    Sixth Grade Tales
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  2. I love the paint chip bookmark idea! I like the idea of having them make their own bookmarks! They can never have too many. :)

    Fifth Grade Wit and


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