Thursday, May 9, 2013

Games for the Lunchroom or the Library

I monitor the lunch room once or twice a day at my school. Usually the last five minutes or so when our students are finished eating, they need to be engaged or will quickly get too loud and disruptive. Oh wait a minute, just like teachers at an in-service meeting.:) When the lower graders begin to get restless, I usually play a game with them before I send them back to their classrooms. (These same games may be played in the hall or library while you are transitioning to the next class or activity.)  Sometime we play "Read Mrs. Brown's Mind." I think of a student/person and they have to guess who I'm thinking of in the room. I encourage them to ask questions before they start guessing. Some days to get higher level questions, I limit them to three questions.

I was inspired by Pinterest on my latest lunch/hall/library game. (I'm not sure where I first saw a similar idea, but thank you fellow bloggers!) This week I started playing "Guess What's in Mrs. Brown's Library Bag." I took one of my bag purses and placed items I use frequently in the library. They had to guess what was inside. Every correct guess earned them a sticker. For the game this week I placed: AR book labels, label protectors, pen, pencil, dry erase marker, sharpie, sticky notes, stickers, stapler, tape, and of course a library book! After baseball season, I'm not brave enough to try my purse. I'm not sure what's in there myself. :) If we finish my bag, we're doing Nurse Angie's bag tomorrow! She's going to give me a box of band aides for prizes.

After lunch I went back to the library to get ready for my afternoon classes and look what I found on my desk.


My school's PTA is soooooo awesome! Desert!

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