Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monday Made It - Bulletin Boards

I survived the first week of school and managed to finish a couple bulletin boards for Monday Made It. Thank you, Tara! I always get great ideas for my school from all the great teachers who link up.

For the past couple of weeks I've been getting the library ready for back to school and helping the my niece with her new classroom. She was hired the day before school started. Her school is about 20 minutes from mine. Last week got just a little crazy. For her owl themed classroom, I created a student work display.


I placed Velcro strips on the fabric and attached to the wall for the foliage. I plan on changing it with the seasons.  The owls were placed in chip clips from the Dollar Tree, just in case one moves or she gets a new student. The tree was made with packing paper. I've made a couple trees on bulletin boards, but this is the first time I've attached one to a block wall. I'm not sure who I should credit with the scrapbook paper idea. (THANK YOU!) I've seen this in several classroom reveals. It turned out really cute. I went by her classroom last night. The students already have work displayed. She has open house this week.

For my school I finally finished the welcome display in the main hall.

I'll leave it up for a month or so. The students enjoy seeing their pictures and  the teachers' pictures displayed. When possible I try to incorporate all the school staff into my displays. This fall I have most of the staff driving race cars. Of course I took a picture of the principal for the lead driver.

Check out other great Monday Made It's on Tara's blog - 4th Grade Frolics. Hopefully I'll make it to the fabric store this week. My new puppet stage is almost finished. I want to post pictures of it next week.

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  1. I love your welcome display, it's great way to invite everyone into the school! Hope you have an awesome start to the school year!

  2. Love your displays! You are so talented!

  3. Hoot Hoot Hooray - That is a great display! Can't wait to hear more about the puppet stage!
    Growing Little Learners

  4. I love the Hoot Hoot Hooray display! So colorful! Can I ask how you hung the display pages on the block wall so they are strong enough tol hold student work? Thank You! =)

    1. I hot glued the laminated scrapbook paper to the wall. Same with the dollar store slips. Just make sure you hold them in place for a few seconds so the hot glue sets up. I haven't had any trouble with hot glue sticking to the walls. Just experiment and see what works in your area. In one of my pervious schools, it wouldn't hold on the exterior walls but was fine on interior. Go figure...

    2. Okay thanks so much for taking the time! =) I really appreciate that info!

  5. WOW! Your displays are adorable! You are so talented and I'm sure your co-workers and students appreciate it!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  6. I love your tree display! Your niece is so lucky to have you to help.

  7. Thanks! This is Whitney's first teaching position. Got to support our first year teachers, especially when they are family! I help the teachers in my school, too. Put up paper and border for one of the girls down the hall today.


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