Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Best Book of the Summer - So Far....

I just read the BEST BOOK EVER!!!! It was such a powerful read. Laughed. Cried. Whole nine yards. The book....

Out of my mind by Sharon M. Draper

It deserves 5 stars!!! It's hard for me to give a book a perfect rating, but this one deserves it.

Melody is an extremely intelligent eleven year old, but few are aware of this including her teachers. It all changes when she receives a "Medi-Talker" which allows her to talk for the first time. (When she looks at her mom and tells her she loves her, I cried. No, I boohooed. Like mega tissue time!) The interaction between Melody and her classmates is so realistic. Any student reading this one is going to be convinced this is a true story. Oh, by the way, Melody has cerebral palsy and her hero is Stephen Hawking.

As a teacher/librarian, this story really touched my heart. Unfortunately students are at times identified with labels - whether it be educational, emotional, or physical. For example I know I'm tough on my own two children because of their intelligence. I expect a lot out of them and had to learn not to "freak out" if they make below an "A". (They take after their dad! LOL) It really bothers me when someone makes a negative comment about one of my students. Yes, their mom might have a small drug problem, they don't always wear clean clothes to school, can't afford new school supplies but for a few hours every day they are my kids! They deserve the best I/everyone can give them.

If you are looking for a great summer anytime read, check out "out of my mind" by Sharon Draper.
I'm recommending this one to my 4th graders and up. (AR reading level of 4.3)

Keep Reading! I'm off to discover more GREAT books.


  1. This is a FABULOUS book! One of my all time favorite books I've ever read!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I really liked this book too! It makes you really look at things differently.
    Mrs. Tretbar's Library


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