Monday, March 3, 2014

#IMWAYR March 2

It's Monday! and What are you reading? Link up with Jen at Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee and Ricki form Unleashing Readers to see what others are reading.

With basketball and getting ready for Read Across America Day, it' not been a super great reading week. I did finish a few in my stack. Just got the phone call, we're out today! So disappointed. :(

I found a couple little scary tales for my middle grade students. They want a thriller but I don't want to give them anything too horrific. I picked up Dare to Be Scared and Double-Dare to Be Scared by Robert D. San Souci, illustrated by David Ouimet.  These will be perfect for my 3-5th graders. Both books contain 13 short stories guarantee to thrill the students. The books contained just enough of scare factor without being overly graphic. 4 stars

Another thriller was The Ghost of Graylock by Dan Poblocki

I was a bit worried about this one when I started reading it. Was very afraid it was going not handle mental illness in an appropriate way for my students. But it improved after the first couple chapters. Turned out to be one I can recommend for my middle students. A great little thriller/mystery/ghost story.

One of my lower grade teachers wanted some fairy tales to compare and contrast. While I was pulling the titles she requested, I found these on my shelves.

Cactus Soup by Eric Kimmel, illustrated by Phil Huling 

Basically it's a version of stone soup. Set in San Miguel, Mexico, soldiers enter town and are hungry. Soup is made from a cactus instead of a stone. Cute and well done!

The Impudent Rooster by Sabina J. Rascol, illustrated by Holly Berry

This Romanian tale is about a rooster which tries to help his master by finding a purse but looses it to a rich nobleman. Great little story about friendship and kindness. 5 stars

The Dragon Prince by Laurence Yep, illustrated by Kam Mak

This is a Chinese Beauty and the Beast tale. Beautifully done. 5 stars

Can You Guess My Name? by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Stefano Vitale

A nice collection of traditional tales from around the world.

I should finish reading the third book of Tiger's Curse, Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck tonight today since we're out for weather.

I'm going to be honest. This series is becoming tiresome. I really enjoyed the first book, Tiger's Curse, but with the second and now the third I'm just wanting it to be done. Tiger's Voyage is really dragging.... So far only 3 stars. Not impressed.

Happy Reading. Going to have to bring a new stack of books home from school tomorrow.


  1. The book that really caught my eye was the Laurence Yep Beauty and the Beast. I have always liked that tale and my teachers are also always looking for compare/contrast opportunities. I will have to grab that one and possibly the Stone Soup also. Thanks!

  2. They do love creepy, don't they. Even the kinders. My word. If I had a nickel for every time I was asked "where are the scary books?" by a pipsqueak. ;)
    Helen Ketteman is one of my favorite fractured fairy tale authors. Might be too .. Texas, though. That Yep one looks interesting!

  3. Mary Downing Hahn also seems to work for the middle grade kids. I have copies of San Souci's two scary books. I love compilation of scary stories! Great for read-aloud during sleepovers.


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