Monday, May 19, 2014

#IMWAYR May 19th

Yes, It's Monday. Time to link to "It's Monday! What Are You Reading? sponsored by Jen at Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee and Ricki from Unleashing Readers. 

No I didn't fall off the end of the Earth, just covered up with life.... (state testing, spring break/spring cleaning, the baseball season that felt like the never-ending story.) Yes, I have been reading. During the past month, I read my all the Easy books in T, U, and V. There were only about 65 of them, didn't take long. Standouts included:

Mississippi Morning by Ruth Vander Zee

In case you don't have this one, a young boy in rural Mississippi learns of his father's connection to the KKK. Powerful Read!

Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic

Cute story about a duck making soup and his friends are afraid he's in the soup.

The Red Blanket by Eliza Thomas

A mother recalls of the arrival of her new baby from China.

The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants by Priscilla Turner

Great little read about relationships. Could be used for a friendship lesson.

A Isn't for Fox - An Isn't Alphabet by Wendy Ulmer

Laura Knorr does an excellent job with the illustrations in this one. Loved the rhyme and rhythm.

As for chapter reads, I did manage to finish The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. Somehow I missed reading this Newberry Honor book. Definitely not your average princess/fairy tale. Mira, along with all the other girls in her village, are forced to attend the princess academy. There one will be chosen as the young prince's new bride. Loved the surprise ending.

My last day of school is Friday. I'm so behind on reading for the last month. The first thing I'm going to do (after laundry!) is curl up on the porch on work on my stack of books. I didn't make the reading challenge of 300 books for the school year. April craziness took care of that. Now it's on to summer. I'm just curious to see how many I can read!!!

Keep Reading! I plan to start again Saturday! Hello, summer!


  1. These look great. I love the Princess Academy one. Would that be something I could read to 2nd graders? The Vowel and Consonant one looks good too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Last day of school - woohoo! Sounds like a party with all those books! Thanks for sharing all these titles - most of them are new to me. The Red Blanket and Mississippi Morning caught my eye. :)


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