Friday, February 14, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray! the CYBILS were announced today!

It's time to announce the winners of the CYBILS for 2013! To see what won in every book category visit the CYBILS website.  I was fortunate to serve as a round two judge for Easy Readers and Early Chapter Books. So without further delay:

Easy Readers Winner -

Urgency Emergency! Big Bad Wolf  by Dosh Archer

It’s a busy day at City Hospital where Doctor Glenda, and Nurse Percy have their hands filled assisting a little girl in a red coat who had lost her grandmother.  The excitement of the day only increases when Pengamedics wheel in a choking wolf.  Can Nurse Percy put aside his fears of wolves in order to assist Doctor Glenda? And what is that thing or is it a someone stuck in the wolf’s throat? With dogged determination, Doctor Glenda and her team work to save the choking wolf and rescue whoever is stuck.  
Dosh Archer brings a new twist to a classic favorite in Urgency Emergency! Big Bad Wolf. with laugh out loud text, Archer delivers up a fast paced adventure that will delight both beginning readers and adults who read alongside them. Thought the text is accessible to developing readers, children will discover some new connections with multiple read-throughs with this book. In the end, Archer provides children with an opportunity to celebrate alongside Doctor Glenda and her team for a job well done.

Early Chapter Book Winner -

Home Sweet Horror (Scary Tales) by James Preller

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!!!
Liam Finn and his sister just moved into the old Cropsey house. Their father has transplanted his family from Hopeville to Upstate New York. Liam and Kelley are both opposed to the move, but since the death of their mother eighteen months earlier the family is struggling to survive. Upon moving into the house, Liam begins to hear strange noises and even receives a threatening message in a mirror.  When Kelley’s friend, Mitali, comes for a visit and summons “Bloody Mary”, the tale quickly escalates to a spine-tingling conclusion.
Preller takes an urban myth and creates an enjoyable little tale of horror that will appeal to the lower grade students. Bruno’s illustrations insert an appropriate amount of creepiness that adds to the ambiance of the tale.  Younger readers will appreciate this scary tale without the graphic and gory details of older horror reads.  This little page turner could become a camp fire classic!

These books will make great additions to your library or the lower grade classroom libraries.

Keep Reading! and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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